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have an innate ability to visualize what can be accomplished with a physical structure and the surrounding land. Being on site daily allowed them to make design decisions and changes as the project progressed. Fortunately, the Comfort Storage team didn't encounter any significant problems during the development process … well, except for the removal of a 7-foot alligator from behind the property. He was affectionately named "Chevy" and left without much of a fight. "It's all about having an open mind when you're in this business," Stockhausen says. "Know that you're going to run into problems—that's just construction! But the important element is to not have your blinders on. Be ready to come up with a different solution or go in a different direction than you originally planned so you can get the best outcome for your project." Stockhausen also notes the truth of the popular real estate mantra "location, location, location" when buying a property for conversion. "If you can find an old Walmart, Kmart building, a Target, you can already know that they're in great locations. That's the way to go!" Luckily for anyone looking to do his own project, the market is ripe with vacant big-box retail stores, Stockhausen says. If you've ever considered a self-storage conversion, there's no time like the present! Rachael Wheeler is a copywriter for Janus International Group LLC, a global manufacturer of turnkey self-storage building and security solutions, including roll-up and swing doors, hallway systems, portable-storage solutions, door-replacement programs, and the SecurGuard mobile-entry system. To reach her, call 770.562.2850; visit LEARN MORE Learn more in the videos "Conversions: The Self-Storage Industry's Diamond in the Rough" and "Function vs. Aesthetics: Balancing the Value in Self-Storage Conversions," both available in on-demand and DVD formats exclusively at September 2018 I ISS 43

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