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OCT 2018

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ISS TOP OPERATORS 2018: FACILITY OWNERS 32 ISS I October 2018 74. StorageMall LLC, The Founded: 2001 CEO/President: Patrick Bailey Website: Contact: Donna Black E-mail: Facilities owned: 21 Storage units owned: 5,353 Square feet owned: 976,420 Primary brand names owned: StorageMall 75. A-American Storage Management Co. Inc.* Founded: 1973 Owner: Edmund C. Olson CEO/President: Edmund C. Olson Website: Contact: Josh Paterson E-mail: Facilities owned: 17 Storage units owned: 10,373 Square feet owned: 969,769 Primary brand names owned: A-American Self Storage Expansion plans: Increase third-party management. Purchase two to four properties each year. 76. Absolute Storage Management Inc.* Founded: 2002 CEO/President: Michael Haugh Website: Contact: Michael Haugh E-mail: Facilities owned: 17 Storage units owned: 7,433 Square feet owned: 939,349 Primary brand names owned: Various Expansion plans: Grow the portfolio in existing markets through management, acquisition and new development. 77. Purely Storage* Founded: 2012 CEO/President: Brad Lund Website: Contact: Brad Lund E-mail: Facilities owned: 13 Storage units owned: 6,384 Square feet owned: 923,890 Primary brand names owned: Purely Storage Expansion plans: To purchase fve additional facilities in 2018. 78. StoreRight Self Storage Founded: 2010 Owner: Ron Clark CEO/President: Matthew Clark Website: Contact: Scott Kelly E-mail: Facilities owned: 15 Storage units owned: 8,095 Square feet owned: 870,055 Primary brand names owned: StoreRight Self Storage Expansion plans: Looking to add two to four facilities via acquisition or development each year for the next fve years. 79. Golden State Storage Founded: 1900 Owner: Public Company CEO/President: Douglas Off Website: Contact: David Edward E-mail: Facilities owned: 12 Storage units owned: 6,671 Square feet owned: 853,874 Primary brand names owned: Golden State Storage Expansion plans: Has a building currently in escrow and two development sites. 80. Wentworth Property LLC Founded: 2006 Owner: James R. Wentworth CEO/President: James R. Wentworth Website: Contact: Steve Butterfeld E-mail: Facilities owned: 12 Storage units owned: 7,978 Square feet owned: 838,332 Primary brand names owned: CubeSmart, Extra Space Storage, Westport Storage Expansion plans: To open seven additional facilities by the end of 2018. 81. Space Center Storage Founded: 1974 Owner: Debbie Roark-Sutherland Website: Contact: Robo Sutherland E-mail: Facilities owned: 12 Storage units owned: 6,334 Square feet owned: 835,450 Primary brand names owned: Space Center Storage Expansion plans: Looking to acquire existing facilities and sites for new builds in Kentucky. 82. Pogoda Cos.* Founded: 1987 CEO/President: Maurice Pogoda Website: Contact: Maurice Pogoda E-mail: Facilities owned: 10 Storage units owned: 5,925 Square feet owned: 799,875 Primary brand names owned: National Storage Centers Expansion plans: Looking to acquire or manage stores with 40,000 square feet or more in major metropolitan areas in the Midwest. 83. BPI Capital Management Inc.* Founded: 1979 CEO/President: Martin Lorch Website: Contact: Martin Lorch E-mail: Facilities owned: 13 Storage units owned: 7,137 Square feet owned: 760,714 Primary brand names owned: Arizona Storage Inns Expansion plans: Acquire other management sites in Arizona and develop one new site. 84. Chesapeake Resources Inc.* Founded: 1987 CEO/President/Contact: Nancy Gunning Website: E-mail: Facilities owned: 11 Storage units owned: 7,565 Square feet owned: 749,484 Primary brand names owned: Self Storage Plus Expansion plans: Currently has one new property under construction, set to open in 2018, and one expansion under development, set to open in 2019. 85. Nova Storage Founded: 1982 Owner: Larry Layne CEO/President/Contact: Andrew Rankin Website: E-mail: Facilities owned: 10 Storage units owned: 6,500 Square feet owned: 710,000 Primary brand names owned: Nova Storage Expansion plans: To grow through acquisition and development. 86. Access Self Storage* Founded: 1976 Owner: Foy Cooley CEO/President/Contact: James Greco Website: E-mail: Facilities owned: 9 Storage units owned: 8,103 Square feet owned: 705,000 Primary brand names owned: Access Self Storage Expansion plans: To acquire properties in New Jersey and New York. 87. Azose Commercial Properties LLC Founded: 1965 CEO/President: David Azose Website: Contact: Lance Baker E-mail: Facilities owned: 10 Storage units owned: 5,712 Square feet owned: 679,024 Primary brand names owned: Storage Court Expansion plans: New development, acquisitions and third-party management. 88. Owners Management Co. Founded: 1987 Owner: David Hunt, Doug Hunt CEO/President/Contact: Doug Hunt Website: E-mail: Facilities owned: 8 Storage units owned: 5,371 Square feet owned: 676,879 Primary brand names owned: Access Self Storage Expansion plans: Planning a 30,000-square-foot expansion of an existing facility and two new locations. Will add two new locations in 2019. 89. Monster Self Storage Founded: 1989 Owner: Paul E. Walker CEO/President: Paul E. Walker Website: Contact: William Swanson E-mail: Facilities owned: 14 Storage units owned: 5,246 Square feet owned: 673,578 Primary brand names owned: Monster Self Storage Expansion plans: Expanding rapidly. Four facilities currently in planning and development. Also looking for more prospects. 90. RHW Capital Management Group LLC* Founded: 2012 CEO/President: Ryan T. Rogers Website: Contact: Ryan Rogers E-mail: Facilities owned: 7 Storage units owned: 6174 Square feet owned: 671,015 Primary brand names owned: Store Here Self Storage Expansion plans: To grow the company's footprint in core markets through acquisitions and development and increase its third-party management platform. 91. HAN Capital Founded: 2009 Owner: John Cooper, Alex Turik, Nik Turik Website: Contact: John Cooper E-mail: Facilities owned: 24 Storage units owned: 6518 Square feet owned: 658,146 Primary brand names owned: Chicago Northside Storage Expansion plans: Acquire value-add opportunities, primarily in the Midwest. 92. Columbia Storage Group Founded: 2012 Owner: Columbia Management Group LLC CEO/President: Randall P. Mosca Website: Contact: Randall Mosca Jr. E-mail: Facilities owned: 13 Storage units owned: 4,685 Square feet owned: 642,965 Primary brand names owned: Columbia Self Storage Expansion plans: Continue to look to add properties to the company's portfolio. *Also appears on the Top 50 list of facility-management companies View the complete 2018 lists, including more data and company contact information, at Choose "Top-Operators Lists" from the top menu.

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