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OCT 2018

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TILT-A-WAY TILT-A-WAY TILT-A-WAY Beautiful, Secure Commercial and Residential Entryways Security Gates Heavy Duty Barrier Design Safety Features • Adjustable safety obstruction systems • Barrier locks in down position • UL325 listed • Battery back-up 2011 Harnish Blvd., Billings, Montana 59101 800-523-3888 or 406-656-4360 • email Celebrating over 50 years in the business – Since 1957 • email Dedicated Performance References It's wise to include a separate sheet of references from direct supervisors. Don't use former tenants who'll say how great their experience was when storing with you. Your references should be people who can attest to what kind of employee you were. Family, friends and other storage managers don' t count. Ask your references in advance if you can list them and let them know someone may be calling. Make sure your list contains current contact information for each person. If you can get a letter of reference from each employer, do so! Bear in mind, some companies might be hesitant to provide one. Certain larger companies won't verify anything more than dates of employment and position. Always give an employer proper notice before leaving, as this is one of the questions most companies are going to ask when they call your references. They'll also ask if you're eligible for r e-h ire, so make sure you leave on good terms. Never burn any bridges on your way out the door! Interviews Once you've submitted your résumé, be prepared for a phone interview. This is probably the most import part of the process. It can often be even more important than a fac e-to-f ace interview. Just as with the résumé, you never get a second chance to make that first impression. If you come off as disinterested, distracted or unprofessional over the phone, you'll never get to the next step. On the phone, be ready, focused and professional at all times. If you're at home, limit distractions. Go to a quiet room, and take a notepad with you. If you like what you're hearing about the job or company, tell the interviewer you're interested in taking the next step. Once you've secured a personal interview, dress professionally and show up early. Bring a copy of your résumé, cover letter, letters of reference, certificates, etc. Leave the tank tops, shorts and flip flops at home! Men, you don't have to show up in a thre e-p iece suit, but a new polo shirt or butto n-d own dress shirt and dress pants is a must. Ladies, a nice dress, skirt, or blouse and slacks is the way to go. Be freshly showered and groomed. Go easy on the perfume or aftershave. Before the interview, turn off your cell phone. This shows you're ready to focus on this meeting. Nothing else matters at that moment and the interviewer deserves your full attention. During the interview, explain your achievements and objective in seeking a change of employment. This is the time to go into detail. Express what a great manager you are and what a super asset you would be to the organization. If it's a position you're interested in, say so. Also, be prepared to explain why you left your most recent job. Don't dwell on a negative reason or badmouth your last employer. Instead, be positive. If you resigned due to a personality conflict, just say it was better that you left and found a position more suited to you. Keep in mind that an interview is a tw o-w ay street. Be prepared to ask questions. Here are some to consider: • Why are you seeking a new manager? • What are the facility's hours of operation? • What are site's occupancy and delinquency levels? • What software program do you use? • What security measures are in place? • What's the housing arrangement, if any? • What are the base wages? • Is there a bonus program, or holiday and vacation pay? • Does the company provide any medical benefts? Remember to put your best foot forward. Be positive and courteous. Understand you might not always get the position, even if you thought the interview process went well. Don't get discouraged. Keep trying, and when the job that's right for you comes along, you'll get hired! Pamela Alton is the owner of Min i-M anagement Services, a company that has been placing sel f-s torage managers in positions all over the United States since 1991. She also offers staff training, operational consulting, and facility audits and inspections. For more information, call 321.890.2245 ; e-m ail ; visit October 2018 I ISS 51

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