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NOV 2018

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2018 BEST OF BUSINESS Why do you love the self-storage industry? Because it's a global, billion-dollar, growing industry with a small industry feel. It still has so much potential and room for innovation and growth. It's really just a great industry to be a part of. What's the most pressing challenge facing your business this year, and how are you conquering it? Our growth has required and provided us the resources to evolve from a startup environment to an established larger organization. This maturity can create challenges with pace of innovations and flexibility. We're laser-focused on maintaining that edge as a cornerstone of our business. As we expand our staff and create systems, we make sure we structure our teams accordingly to facilitate those "what if" conversations. What's the best thing to happen to your company since last year? Our awesome positive company culture. We have the absolute best team, and watching friendships flourish within the office has been wonderful. We've found that when our team is happy, our company performance skyrockets. The laughter in the office is contagious. People are engaged and the synergy is palatable. Customer-service feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with this correlation of a strong company culture. Please give us a sneak peek into a new product or service you're releasing in 2019. CallPotential is communications and CRM (customer relationship management) software. We're already known for multi-channel tools such as text messaging, e-mail, live and recorded calls. Throughout 2019 we'll continue to add channels to help facilitate the operator/tenant relationship, such as live website chat and social media messenger integrations. Our platform will also be fully omni-channel, which means a user can start on one channel (live chat) and finish on another (texting) without changing screens or disrupting the user's experience. Tell us a company secret. Company president and founder Phil Murphy auditioned on "Shark Tank" as "The Storage King of Chicago." The audition tape is hilarious as he wears a crown the whole time. We pay homage to this silliness by having his company avatar be a picture from that day. The team loves having a company president with a sense of humor. If you could invite anyone, from modern times or history, to coach your staff, who would it be and why? This was a fun one! We invited our team to share who they would love to have coach them. We had a variety of answers including Gene Simmons, Ben Franklin and Buzz Aldrin. They mostly decided on Buzz because he walked on the moon and needed to have his team all work together to accomplish that. If your company had a mascot, what would it be and why? The Storage King of Chicago. If President Trump were to write a Tweet about your business, what would it say? Think you don't need CallPotential? FAKE NEWS. Phil Murphy is the Storage King of Chicago. CallPotential is a great company who truly gets it! Founder/Owner/CEO: Phil Murphy Founded: 2011 Headquarters: Naperville, Ill. Number of offices: 2 Number of employees: 40 CallPotential is a sales, marketing, collections and DIY contact-center platform. It empowers operators to use omni-channel communication tools such as text, e-mail, and live and recorded calls. Whether sending past-due rent reminders or following up on the sales pipeline, activities are tracked and recorded in property-management software. Proactive sales and marketing tools prompt entry of incoming calls to leads, and set a follow-up schedule resulting in faster rentals, better analytics and higher revenue with less time spent bogged down in manual, administrative tasks. Earlier this year, the CallPotential team participated in the "Team Werk Scavenger Hunt." The picture-based challenges included posing for an album cover and frolicking on a playground. BEST CALL CENTER SERVICES 24 ISS I November 2018

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