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NOV 2018

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Founder: Ken Gehring Owner: Madison Industries CEO: Todd Demonte Founded: 1977 Headquarters: Madison, Wis. Number of offices: 1 2018 BEST OF BUSINESS BEST CLIMATE-CONTROL PRODUCTS Please give us a sneak peek into a new product or service you're releasing in 2019. Quest dehumidifiers will be getting "smarter" in 2019 with remote monitoring and control capabilities. Tell us a company secret. We started as an offshoot from a company that made automated cow-milking systems. The devices that made the refrigerated tanks so efficient were accidentally drying out the drinking troughs, so we started pursuing dedicated dehumidifiers. If you could invite anyone, from modern times or history, to coach your staff, who would it be and why? Jocko Willink, author of "Extreme Ownership" and a retired Navy Seal. His motivational techniques are legendary, and we would stand to learn a lot. Jocko could make anyone run into a burning building! If your company had a mascot, what would it be and why? We have one: a water droplet. All our brands focus on moisture and energy control. If President Trump were to write a Tweet about your business, what would it say? Quest has the best commercial dehumidifiers. I mean the very best & I know dehus. Trust me. I have many, many friends who know they are the best, ask anyone. Quest! Why do you love the self-storage industry? We've been doing this long enough with so many units in the field that we don't have to "sell" owners at tradeshows anymore. When we attend an industry event, it's an opportunity to meet those who adopt our solution. It's a friendly and collaborative group, which is unique and a pleasure to be around. What's the most pressing challenge facing your business this year, and how are you conquering it? Our challenge has always been trying to show people that air conditioners aren't climate control; they're temperature control. HVAC contractors sell A /C, though, and most owners default to asking them for a solution. It's sad to see how many owners have purchased expensive air-conditioning systems that eat a lot of electricity without solving the problem they face. Data doesn't lie, so we use data loggers and case studies to prove the solution in the field, not on paper. What's the best thing to happen to your company since last year? We released a patented new refrigeration system that improved the efficiency on the line of dehumidifiers that were already the world's most efficient. Air conditioners aren't climate control, and mold doesn't care about the temperature. Quest dehumidifiers allow self-storage owners to reduce air-conditioning runtime, save energy and achieve true climate control. 26 ISS I November 2018

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