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NOV 2018

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Please give us a sneak peek into a new product or service you're releasing in 2019. As we've continued to see the latest in innovative design techniques, we've added new software that improves the realism and quality of renderings, which are required by many jurisdictions. Tell us a company secret. We like to eat … a lot! We have an amazing staff with great teamwork and team spirit. We incorporate monthly potlucks to go along with our staff meetings to keep everyone up to date. If you could invite anyone, from modern times or history, to coach your staff, who would it be and why? Jesus Christ. He's all-knowing about every person and situation. If your company had a mascot, what would it be and why? The Energizer Bunny! We're non-stop here and it's not letting up any time soon, so we need all the stamina we can get! If President Trump were to write a Tweet about your business, what would it say? Jordan Architects is a YUUUGE success due to its hard-working, enthusiastic staff! Frankly, my tax cuts didn't hurt either! Why do you love the self-storage industry? It's a tight-knit industry that continues to grow at a steady pace. We've built some great relationships through the years. From an architectural standpoint, it's been great to see the design aspect evolve from the early days to cutting-edge design and technology. What's the most pressing challenge facing your business this year, and how are you conquering it? Projecting growth and ensuring we're adequately staffed to handle the needs of our clientele is always a challenge. We're addressing this by hiring well-qualified staff to help us deliver our projects. From an industry standpoint, educating cities on how self-storage really functions and changing ordinances to reflect that is an obstacle we enjoy overcoming. What's the best thing to happen to your company since last year? As we continue to grow and expand, we've added personnel, which has made our company stronger and aided in pushing the envelope of design for self-storage. Founder/President/Owner: Bruce Jordan Founded: 1981 Headquarters: San Clemente, Calif. Number of offices: 1 Number of employees: 15 Jordan Architects Inc. offers expertise in a multitude of areas, from ground-up development to conversions. The company's experience allows it to overcome development challenges, such as difficult sites, zoning obstacles, easement problems, sensitive political issues and project entitlements. 2018 BEST OF BUSINESS BEST DEVELOPMENT CONSULTING The Jordan Architects Team 30 ISS I November 2018

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