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NOV 2018

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2018 BEST OF BUSINESS Please give us a sneak peek into a new product or service you're releasing in 2019. We're adding airline cargo containers and other associated special-use containers to our product mix. We're also developing emergency-relief containers that can be bundled and dropped by air with parachutes into remote areas that can't be reached by ground transportation. If you could invite anyone from modern times or history to coach your staff, who would it be and why? We'd like Steve Jobs to coach our staff. He could further show us how to continue to create a highly functional, beautiful product that people can't wait to have. We could discuss how to continue to use innovation to change and improve an industry that brings great value and satisfaction to its customers. If your company had a mascot, what would it be and why? We have a mascot already: our pit bull, Handsome. Like everyone on the team, he's friendly, loyal, attractive and a powerful competitor. Why do you love the self-storage industry? Because we love our customers. They all seem happy because there's always a demand for self-storage no matter the state of the economy. Due to increasing population and accumulation of material goods, the industry continues to grow every year as people downsize and declutter. It just seems that good people get involved in owning and operating self-storage businesses. What's the most pressing challenge facing your business this year, and how are you conquering it? Continuously focusing on innovation to bring our customers the latest developments in technology, materials and design, while also lowering costs and improving quality. For the last eight years, we've been awarded a "Best of Business" award, so we hope we're getting closer to achieving our goals in this ongoing challenge. What's the best thing to happen to your company since last year? We've invested in new tooling at our manufacturing plants, which has allowed us to offer our customers an advantage over competitors, with lower costs and increased quality and features. Our customers have shown their appreciation by placing a record number of new orders this year. Our continuous research and development has launched a number of new, innovative products this year that has allowed our customers across many industries to expand into new markets with higher profit margins and achieve faster return on investment. Founder/Owners: George Johnson, Peter Nemiroff CEO: Peter Nemiroff Founded: 2006 Headquarters: New Canaan, Conn. Number of offices: 8 Sam Mishkin, vice president of business development, enjoys hiking in the Gore Range in the Rocky Mountains near Boulder Colo. Logan Smith, director of construction, caught this big fish in an Alaskan lake during a fishing outing with a customer. Universal Storage Containers is the inventor of the foldable, portable Z-Box moving and storage container. Its state-of-the art product lines are designed to provide customers with a competitive advantage on costs, return on investment, durability, speed of assembly, portability and other factors. BEST PORTABLE-STORAGE UNIT The USC mascot, Handsome John Cooley, director of sales for North America, is a cycling enthusiast, who when not helping customers enjoys being outdoors for a good ride in Boulder Colo. Michael Schmitt, sales executive, is the chief of the volunteer Sunshine Fire Protection District in Boulder Colo. 44 ISS I November 2018

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