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DEC 2018

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H e n s n o t l a y i n g e g g s ? C a l l i n t h e f o x . VISIT LOCKERFOX.COM/OPERATORS OR CALL (704) 251-0644 Online auctions are growing up LEARN MORE! Learn more from author Sue Haviland in the videos "Lessons We've Learned in 50 Years of Self-Storage" and "Becoming a Master of Your New Domain: Managing Your Self-Storage Time and Tasks," both available exclusively at NEW! Don't miss Sue's all-new Staffing Success Workshop at the 2019 ISS World Expo in Las Vegas, April 1-4. Watch for details at Letting employees know you see the hard work they're doing and that you want to reward them can be a huge motivator. When people feel they're putting in a lot of effort but not being recognized, it can lead to decreased morale and worse performance over time. So, use your evaluation period to give hearty praise to those who deserve it, and incite the energy and drive to keep them doing great work. Good morale is contagious and leads to overall success. Evaluation Best Practices Delivering excellent evaluations for your star employees is no challenge at all. It's always nice to let people know they're performing at top levels. Unfortunately, we all must give less than ideal reviews at times. For either situation, there are basics you should follow to ensure every employee has a firm understanding of where he stands, what he can do to improve, and what to expect in the post-evaluation period. First, create a process that's fair and bias-free for all. If employees sense any sort of favoritism or think evaluations are being performed inconsistently, you'll lose credibility. Make clear the methods you'll use to conduct reviews and stick to them. By following a structured scoring system and pairing it with specific examples of things done right and wrong, you can show your appraisal is based in fact. This will help you gain respect and integrity in the eyes of your staff. It's also important not to generalize. Be clear about the exact performance you've seen up to that point and what you expect the employee to continue, stop or begin. If the review is leaning in a negative direction, refrain from lessening the poor behavior and make it clear what needs to change. Take advantage of this face-to-face conversation and make the demands necessary to encourage stronger achievement. Finally, remember that evaluations are a great time to give praise and acknowledge accomplishments and strengths. Annual reviews shouldn't be a dreaded time for you or your staff. Instead, view them as an opportunity to highlight the great work your team has done and polish skills. Some people expect raises to be tied to annual reviews. If increases are given based on performance, use a set schedule. Structured evaluations that are fair to all employees and maintain transparency will ultimately lead to stronger task execution and a constantly evolving work environment. Susan Haviland is the owner of Haviland Storage Services and a partner of industry consulting and training firm Self Storage 101. She has more than 28 years of industry experience, from serving as a site manager to acting as vice president of operations at Extra Space Storage Inc. and Price Self Storage. She's a frequent speaker at industry conferences and tradeshows. For more information, call 866.360.2621; visit December 2018 I ISS 43

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