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FEB 2019

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Protect Your Investment and Theirs As a business owner, you want a long-lasting, low-maintenance building to invest in. Mini-storage facilities by industry-leading Morton Buildings will deliver just that. Morton works with you to create the number of units and size of those units that best fit the needs of your customers. Our interior options, exterior features, and exclusive Energy Performer® insulation package provide you with a building that is safe, energy-efficient and easy to maintain. © 2018 Morton Buildings, Inc. All rights reserved. A listing of GC licenses available at Ref Code 687 800-447-7436 • light, vibrations or off odors; and the ability to keep the bottles resting on their sides," Davis says. In general, wine needs to be stored at 55 degrees and relative humidity of about 65 percent. An improper temperature will cause the wine to age quicker, while incorrect humidity can affect a bottle's label and cork. The storage area must have a properly insulated and designed perimeter to prevent air movement and condensation, and a system to monitor temperature and moisture. "Our biggest challenge was the overall construction of the wine-storage area since it's such a specialized room. Not many general contractors have experience building wine storage," Davis says. While designing Citadel, his company enlisted the expertise of a well-known master sommelier in the region. For Sobe, the greatest hurdle was getting the insulation correct. "We installed six redundant fans, and a temperature and humidity sensor that can be controlled and monitored remotely," Blum says. The facility also has motion sensors to control the lighting. To help maintain the atmosphere, a vestibule was added. One door is prevented from opening until the first is closed. The entryway and Amoroso Room lounge at Wine Storage Bellevue in Washington The Right Security Enhanced security is also a major factor in wine-storage design. Some facilities like Sobe require a fingerprint scan to access the wine room. Passcodes and keycards are also popular for restricting entry to wine-storage customers. Entry to Wine Storage Bellevue is separate from the storage facility. The area has its own moving carts and a custom-designed wooden door straight off the parking lot. "Since access was a big concern, we connected the entry door to a keypad so customers carrying their wine only have to swipe their access card to get in. Plus, customers can get access to the storage area seven days a week, 365 days a year, including holidays when most facilities are closed," Gilroy says. The Right Look To create a relaxed, social setting, many operators will add a lounge or tasting room to their wine-storage area. Many February 2019 I ISS 19

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