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FEB 2019

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customers of this upscale service may even expect such an amenity. An enchanting countryside mural can be displayed on the exterior to create a unique look. Inside, the room might include wine-inspired d├ęcor. "We designed the hallway to look like a Tuscan grotto to set the customer's mood before arriving at the storage area," Gilroy says. "Immediately adjacent to but separate from the storage area is our 1,000-square-foot private event space, available exclusively to Wine Storage Bellevue clients. Dubbed the 'Amoroso Room,' it's handsomely appointed with leather furnishings, a fireplace and a refectory table that seats up to 10 people. We provide glassware, decanters, and all the accoutrement for opening a bottle with friends or a fellow wine-storage customer." The Right Marketing Like any service, wine storage requires dedicated marketing to bring in customers. Your prospects may not actively be seeking a secure environment for their wine, but once they learn of the service, they'll consider it. In addition to traditional efforts such as pay-per-click ads and social media posts, Blum encourages operators to meet with local wine vendors and restaurant managers. "We also participate in the local food and wine events," he says. Connecting with the community has been a key strategy for Bee Safe. "Our facilities are active members of networking groups and often reach out to local business operators like restaurants that use our wine-storage facilities for securing their valuable wines," Carroll says. Wine Storage Bellevue reaches out to wine-tasting rooms in the area and explains the facility's package-acceptance program. The company also focuses on educating customers about the benefits of storing their cherished bottles. "We've become authorities on the subject of wine storage, which is necessary when educating the public on why it would be necessary," Gilroy says. "Most folks say, 'I just drink it too fast.' But what about that bottle you bought for your son or daughter's 21st birthday, or that bottle or two for other special occasions? Why not have a secure, temperature-controlled place to store it where it is out of sight and out of mind?" While not as common as retail centers stocked with boxes and tape, or parking spots for boats and RVs, wine storage can be a lucrative profit center for self-storage operators in the right market. "Wine storage is definitely an offering worth exploring. It can give your facility a unique amenity guaranteed to set you apart from your competitors," Davis says. The rent per square foot (RPSF) is much greater on wine storage than on standard storage units, according to Patrick Gilroy, co-owner of The Stor-House Self Storage in Bellevue, Wash. Your average unit size is smaller and, in many cases, you have multiple units stacked on top of each other. All of that creates an RPSF that is two to three times higher than a standard storage project, he says. Higher RPSF 20 ISS I February 2019

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