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MAR 2019

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NOT YET A MEMBER OF SELF-STORAGE TALK? It's time to join! Registration is free and easy at Simply click on the "Login or Sign Up" link at the top right corner of the website. Share, network and learn from fellow colleagues by joining today! Sel f-S torage Talk ( ), the industry's largest online community, is where industry professionals share experiences and advice, and discuss important issues relating to day-to-day management, marketing, technology, construction, development, finance and much more. Join today for free! Breaking the Rules of Rule-Writing A slow morning led member DairyGirl to a creatively reimagine what her facility rules would look like if she could express how she truly feels. Here's a small sample from her 21-policy rewrite! Read the whole list in the thread "Having a Little Fun …" in the "General Storage Chat" forum. Did you bounce a check with us? That sucks. Not for us, for you. Now you owe a bounced-check fee and late fees. Oh, and you can't pay that with another check. Not even from another bank/account. You'll be a cash-only tenant from now on. About that trash you're thinking of leaving in or around your unit … You know it's yours. I know it's yours. Just throw it away like a responsible adult and I won't have to think awful thoughts about you. If you ask nicely, I may even let you throw it in the dumpster. Have an interesting story or photo to share? Post it the Tales From the Trenches or Day-to-Day Management forum. Good Tenants Members are swapping stories about tenants who stand out in their minds—in a good way! In the thread of the same name in the "General Storage Chat" forum, member wc1974 shared the following: I have a fairly new tenant. He and his wife are recently retired, and both are absolute sweethearts! They frequently stop in just to say hi. Once when he saw another tenant dump trash behind our bushes, he went off on the guy and made him pick it up and apologize to me for being a slob! I was so stunned all I could do was squeak out a thank you. Both he and his wife have worked service jobs all their lives and hate it when customers mistreat staff. Current Contact Info While it's vital to keep your customers' contact data current, doing so can be challenging. There are several SST threads in which operators discuss their protocol. Here are few suggestions: • Verify all contact information any time a customer calls the off ce. • Review any bounced addresses after you send your e-newsletter or other e-mail communication. • Request updates as part of a rate-increase letter. • If notif ed by the post off ce of a change of address (COA), send a letter and COA form to the tenant's new location. We recently asked members to complete this sentence: If the customer doesn't ask, I ___offer a discount on a new rental. Here's what they reported: 25% Sometimes 50% Never 25% Rar ely 12 ISS I March 2019

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