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MAR 2019

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Before we roll out any new technology to the entire company, we use live beta testing that allows a few employees to see the tech in action and spot potential issues or room for improvement. Live beta testing lets some staff get hands-on experience, influence improvements and changes, and guides other staff members through the process when we roll out the change company-wide. We then use recorded training videos, written instruction, presentations and hands-on training to educate the entire staff. We feel this mixed approach has served us well and creates a comfortable learning environment while minimizing potential issues for the business. —Seth Bent, Founder and CEO, Red Dot Storage (owns and operates 135-plus properties) Training staff has evolved over the years. First, we created a repository of MP4 files in Dropbox called "Tech Tips" to which all our managers have access. We have videos covering multiple products from Alexa, Apple Apps, how to execute electronic contracts, G Suite products, Todoist and Workplace by Facebook. We also host training webinars through Google Meet, Zoom and occasionally a live broadcast with Workplace by Facebook. Our deployment of training videos has changed over the past year since we started using Workplace by Facebook. Now we use YouTube to create our training videos and post them every week on our announcements channel. We hope our "Tech Tip Tuesday" YouTube videos will grow our staff knowledge of the tools we use. —David Doget, District and Revenue Manager, SKS Management LLC (operates 20 facilities) We spend a lot of time on training because unless there is 100 percent adoption, even the most complex and expensive technology is useless. In addition, we tend to be in our vendors' beta groups and user councils. This allows us to get an early look into what's next and get up to speed on new features a bit faster than most. But making an investment in training is paramount to realize any benefits of any technology platform. —Jason Lopez, Chief Marketing Officer, US Storage Centers (operates 120-plus facilities) It's a combination of onsite and remote training for onsite team members to bring them up to speed and help aid in the transition to a new process. —Grace Totty, Director of Marketing, Absolute Storage Management (operates 116 properties in 14 states) What kind of training does staff receive when new tech is introduced at your business? 20 ISS I March 2019

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