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MAR 2019

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Celebrating our Single-story Multi-story Boat/RV Canopy Climate Controlled In-House Engineering 800-383-4932 INNOVATION WITH EXPERIENCE... LETʼSBUILDIT TOGETHER through text message and even an e-mail through his mail client of choice, and the facility manager can respond through the client's preferred channel, never interrupting the conversation. All correspondence is logged, recorded and tied to that customer within the property-management software. Headaches be gone; all channels are united! Omnichannel communication unifies every channel so as not to disrupt the customer's journey. We have the tools. Now, let's use them. Texting Your Customers Now that we've addressed the concern of juggling multiple channels by unifying them in an omnichannel platform, let's identify some ways you can implement text messaging. During the quote/interview process. During a live call or even a live chat, if the prospect isn't yet ready to rent, ask if you can send him a text message with the information you just discussed. Now he has the unit rate, suggested size, and potentially even the directions to your facility immediately available on his phone. If he needs to consult another decision-maker, the details are on hand. During follo w-u p. The prospect said she was going to move in on Thursday but was a no-show. Sending a quick text, either manually or as part of a pre-designed follow-up workflow, is an easy way to check in. Try something as simple as, "Hey, Judy, I was just checking in to see if you still need that 10-by-10? I can hold it for you if you think you can make it in today." This is a lot better than making a phone call and stumbling through small talk. After mov e-i n. Think you rocked the move-in process? Pre-templated text messages can be automatically scheduled to thank your new tenant and request a review on the channel of your choice. Include a direct URL to the review portal and watch the positive feedback fly in! When rent is pas t-d ue. One of the most effective uses of texting is sending automated rent reminders. A message that automatically goes when an account is delinquent, including a pay-bill link, will dramatically reduce your past-due rent and number of units that go into lien status. If a tenant hasn't paid, it's usually because he forgot or doesn't have the money. If he forgot, a quick text is a gentle reminder. If he's short on funds, staying top-of-mind will ensure you receive payment as soon as possible. During mov e-o ut. When the rental has come to an end, schedule a pre-formatted text message thanking your customer for his business and providing pertinent move-out info. Does he need to sweep his unit? Turn in his lock? A reminder about these things is always welcome. Using text messages as part of an omnichannel communication strategy allows you to efficiently and effectively communicate with your tenants all through the customer journey. Scheduling messages ahead of time relieves stress for managers and tenants while also elevating your operation. Holly Fiorello is director of marketing for self-storage operator Next Door Self Storage and CallPotential, a provider of an omnichannel cloud-communication platform and customer-relationship management platform that integrates with facility-management software to automate and enhance the sales process. Its software handles lead management, automated follow-up, and call recording and monitoring. For more information, call 877.552.2557; visit March 2019 I ISS 65

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