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APR 2019

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• Check your ego at the door. This isn't a high-stakes negotiation regarding the safety of mankind. You can have tremendous personal power when you lose the burden of your ego. Just think … You might actually be wrong. Gasp! • Exercise empathy and see the situation from the other person's point of view. I have diff culty with this; however, I can attest to the value of the principle and the power it brings in stressful conversations. • Don't talk at the other person; talk with him. Even though you're leading the conversation, make sure it f ows both ways. Each person's thoughts and opinions need to be heard. • How you say something is as important as what you say. Avoid phrases such as "you always," "you never" or "every single time." These terms are over general, exaggerated and absolute. They're also inaccurate, and if you examine the situation more closely, you'll realize how untrue they are. They do nothing but make things worse. • Use clear and responsible terms. Consider saying, "I feel ______ when you _____." Words are all we have, so it's important to make them count. When using statements like this, you identify how you feel and focus on the other person's actions, not his character. The ability to put a name on a feeling and action helps each party establish a clear, identif able issue. Recognize the Power of Silence During your discussion, the conversation can go any number of ways. Now, it's good to recognize the power of silence. This is the time when it's OK to be quiet. Instead, listen. Resist the need to fill all the "dead space." Most of us don't truly listen when we're waiting for our turn to speak. Instead, we're thinking about what we're going to say next. Your silence will create a space for the other person to talk, whether he wants to or not. Spend that time hearing what he has to say. There will always be conflict in the workplace. The sad truth is some people will be jerks and may make your life miserable. But most people are good and have the same desires and goals you. If you're going to spend a third of your life on the job, don't you want it to be as free from struggle as possible? Taking five minutes to talk seems a small price to pay considering the dividends you'll yield for years to come. Rick Beal is vice president of development and management for Easy Storage Solutions, where he spearheads the consulting and third-party management division. His goal is to help a historically slow-changing industry embrace new, more profitable ideas. His motto is, "Storage is a business of inches not miles." To contact him, e-mail or stay up-to-date with all his publications and speaking engagements at LEARN MORE Learn more from author Rick Beal in the seminar, "Empowering Your People: Creating a Gratifying Self-Storage Work Environment," which he'll present at the ISS World Expo in Las Vegas, April 1-4. Get details and register at BOS BOS - eas y to assemble Quick Build containers offer versatility in setting up, or expanding self- stor age or portable stor age or portable stor age facilities age facilities . Product Information • Single or double door swing doors. • Height 83" (7ft). • Width 83" (7ft). • Width can be expanded up to 252" (21ft). • Length 43" to 240" (3ft – 20ft). • Length can be expanded up to 480" (40ft). • Wind and weather tight units with high snow-load capacity. • Numerous accessories available. Quick Build container is economical to transport, and the assembly is quick and easy with no tools required. Strong BOS units are made of galvanized steel, and come safety tested and rated by an external testing agency. For more Information, please visit our website +1 (844) 267-3757 WINNER MOST INNOVATIVE PRODUCT 2015-2018 BEST OF BUSINESS Visit us at ISS World Expo, Booth # 219 April 2019 I ISS 47

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