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APR 2019

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A bout 15 years ago, I worked for a small start-up company whose specialty was computer repair, with a pickup and drop-off service for businesses. We purchased an old minivan with wood paneling from a local pizza-delivery shop and applied magnetic signs on the sides and back that proudly displayed our professional logo and phone number. I even had work shirts with that fancy logo. One afternoon, the owner and I needed to buy supplies at the local wholesale warehouse. As we strolled up and down the aisles, I watched him grin and nod at every customer and employee. In one aisle, he helped a young woman with a child put something in her cart, and she was clearly grateful. When I told him that kind of kindness was unheard of, he said something I've never forgotten: "Service to others happens everywhere." About a week later, that young woman visited our repair store. When she needed her computer serviced, she looked for providers on Google and spotted our company. She said she hadn't forgotten the man who helped her. His actions had said something about our company—that we were careful and helpful, and worth patronizing. I wouldn't be surprised if she's still a customer! Every day, we have an opportunity to make a positive impact in our community. Yes, it's easy to do when we're at our self-storage properties because we're in our comfort zone. We know our facilities like the backs of our hands. But what about when we aren't on site? Do we still have an opportunity to make a good impression? Absolutely! Stand for Your Company I'm privileged to work for a family-owned self-storage company. On more than a few occasions, I've had a meal with my regional manager and even his immediate supervisor. I've always been impressed by the way they treat servers. They have a manner that portrays compassion. I remember one time overhearing a server comment to a coworker, "I wish more of my tables were like that one there. They are so nice!" The word represent means "standing for others." When you put on your work shirt in the morning and head out the door, you stand for something greater than yourself. Take pride and let it be known that you work for XYZ Storage. As you shop for supplies, get your cup of coffee or fill your gas tank, it's important to remember that you represent your company. What if tomorrow's self-storage prospect happens to be the person you just met or from whom you just bought something? I bet you'd be embarrassed if the person with whom you got upset at Networking is an important part of building a self-storage business and developing good social contacts. Here are some strategies you can use to walk into a room and make an expert impression: 1. Arrive looking your best. 2. Wear a name tag. 3. Develop a memorable signature, such a special tie or piece of jewelry. 4. Develop an unforgettable greeting. 5. Greet everyone. 6. Overcome your shyness. 7. Travel with your own PR agent (a professional friend). 8. Always send a note, e-mail or brochure the next day to the people you've met. Making a positive brand impression, in and out of the office By Kevin Lanning Call to Represent! 8 Ways to Be Memorable Source:, "8 Ways Self-Storage Operators Can Be Memorable at Networking Events," by Patricia Fripp 62 ISS I April 2019

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