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APR 2019

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Teri L. Lanza, Vice President W hen we're young and in school, a significant portion of our time and energy is focused on education. And while it's true that we never stop learning, once we enter the workforce, it can be really tough to focus on self-edification. It isn't that we lack the desire; on the contrary, I think most of us crave opportunities to grow and improve. But juggling work with family and friends, community, physical and mental well-being, vices and anxieties, trials and tribulations … It can be a lot. To stand firm against the push and pull of the rushing river and make time for personal development can take more than is sometimes left in our internal reserves. Besides, it can be real easy to get complacent in a job, even if you aren't entirely happy in your situation. Once you're established and comfortable, with a steady paycheck and a predictable list of expectations and goals, it takes grit to invite new challenges— to say, "Yes, I want to do more and be better, even if it means sacrifice, even if it means I might fail." Maybe you have it all figured out and you don't find it at all difficult to continually be elevating yourself. You make time every day/week/month to learn a new skill, attempt something you've never tried, study something foreign to you. If so, I tip my hat to you, good sir or madam. For myself, I'd be lying if I said motivation was an unlimited resource in my world. Sometimes, I have to give myself a good, solid kick in the shorts and remind myself that the journey is always just beginning. This issue is devoted to self-storage facility managers, the brave people who go into that office every day not knowing what will pop into their e-mail box or walk through the door. The ones who handle the day-to-day operation of the business, renting units, collecting money, tidying up, answering customer inquiries and so much more. We want to share with you insight that'll not only make you more valuable to your employer but help you find fulfillment in your career. The role of storage manager has changed dramatically over the past two decades. This is no secret. The Internet, technology, social media and other evolutionary shifts have changed owner and consumer expectations. So, now you have to know and do more in your position than ever before. Managers are expected to have many more skills upon hiring, and then you're expected to continue learning throughout your tenure so you're always adding to the company's bottom line. We want to address that critical need, yet examine both sides of the equation. We don't just want to help you be better for your supervisor; we want you to be better for yourself. That's why this issue provides guidance on professional development, from abilities every manager needs to achieve excellence in the field to advice from fellow operators on reaching your own goals. Whether you're energetic and eager to learn or need some encouragement to expand your horizons, you'll find something in these pages that will make you better in your job tomorrow than you are today. If you want even more education, come join us at the ISS World Expo in Las Vegas, April 1-4, where you can participate in an entire track of seminars plus a four-hour workshop dedicated to (and possibly even taught by) facility managers. In fact, there are many events at the show intended to help in-the-trenches operators go from average to amazing. Get details at If you can't make it to the show, that's OK; you can still purchase DVD copies of the 40-plus education seminars. They'll be available for pre-order at starting March 28. The call to self-enrichment isn't always an easy one to answer. Time and energy aren't infinite resources, and we must spend them, not sparingly, but wisely. If we want to improve the self-storage industry and the world at large, the best thing we can do is invest in ourselves. All my best, En rich You rself, En rich the Wo rld THE INSIDE VIEW "You are not here merely to make a living. You are here in order to enable the world to live more amply, with greater vision, with a finer spirit of hope and achievement. You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand." —Woodrow Wilson 6 ISS I April 2019

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