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APR 2019

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T he people you choose to manage your self-storage facility will make the difference between a highly successful operation and a mediocre or failing one. Though finding the perfect staff isn't always easy, knowing where to locate good candidates and what do once you bring them on board is paramount. Here are some "hacks" for successful hiring and onboarding. Finding Candidates There are many employment websites that can be excellent sources for qualified management candidates, such as CareerBuilder, Craigslist, Indeed, Monster, WorkingCouples and Zip Recruiter. Other resources include self-storage trade magazines, professional placement services and the Self-Storage Talk online community. You can also ask for referrals from your current managers or other facility owners and operators. Choosing and Matching Applicants Wherever you advertise your position, be prepared to receive responses from people who don't seem qualified—or even willing to read thoroughly! You might clearly state that you're seeking an experienced self-storage manager, but some will think they can talk their way into the job. If you have a resident position, you'll likely be contacted by inexperienced applicants attracted to the "free housing." Be prepared to weed through a lot of resumes. Getting people to respond may be the easiest part of your search. Interviewing and matching the right manager to each facility isn't as simple. Anyone can be on his best behavior for an hour, which is why it's important to interview preferred candidates more than once. If an applicant is employed at a facility close to you, consider visiting. Just keep in mind that most managers seek new employment confidentially. You don't want to jeopardize someone's current position by showing up unannounced and revealing who you are. When interviewing, aim to uncover each candidate's talents and match his traits to the position you're trying to fill. Don't make assumptions about a person's skills based on his gender, age, etc. For example, you can't presume women are better on the phone or men are better at maintenance tasks. Everyone has unique strengths and interests. Some candidates will be more outgoing than others; some will be natural marketers or salespeople. Look at the gifts of the individual and consider assigning job responsibilities that best suit each person. Conducting Due Diligence Once you've narrowed the list to the best possible candidates, check their references. That means speaking with past supervisors or owners, not tenants, co-workers, friends or relatives who would never speak ill of them. Keep in mind, though, that some large companies won't verify anything more than employment dates and job title. OWNER'S TOOL KIT Hiring Hacks for Facility Owners By Pamela Alton LEARN MORE Learn more about best practices for employee recruiting, hiring, training and more in our "Staffing Success Workshop," a four-hour deep dive into industry human resources taking place at the ISS World Expo in Las Vegas, April 1-4. Get details and register at 68 ISS I April 2019

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