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MAY 2019

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Take check-in for example. Onsite ™ makes it simple, so intuitive, almost anyone can be trained to use it in under an hour. And because the software is preconfigured to your preferences, trainees are simultaneously taught how to run the facility. Using Onsite, just one screen has all the informa- tion you need about each customer. No frantic scramble from screen to screen in search of information. Operators have confidence because all the answers are right there — date of last payment, past due, late fees, etc. You can also text customers notifications and billing and use the map feature to see the status of every space. And customers can even rent or reserve spaces online. Managing partner Insight ™ software provides owners and managers vital intelligence instantly, replacing hours of weeding through various reports. Monitoring ten areas of performance essential to success, Insight creates a visual graph to view at a glance the status of those areas, flagging what's good and what could be improved. It's a program designed to work with you for short- and long-term success. Space Control's experience goes back to the beginning of the rental industry. We know the complex decisions you face in this business, and Onsite and Insight are the partners that will help you make the right ones. Call 800-455-9055 for more information or a demo. C o m p r o m i s e s Y o u r S o f t w a r e Compromises Your Software SPACE CONTROL WAS BORN FROM INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE. OUR SOFTWARE PROGRAMS REFLECT HANDS-ON UNDERSTANDING. Shouldn't Be 2 0 6 P r o v i d e n c e M i n e R o a d , S u i t e 1 1 8 • N e v a d a C i t y , C A 9 5 9 5 9 • 8 0 0 - 4 5 5 - 9 0 5 5 • w w w . S p a c e C o n t r o l . c o m ONSITE ª ª I n a w o r l d o f In a world of

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